26th March 2023

Birthstones for Card Makers


Birthstones for Card Makers.

Finding someones birthstone isn’t as easy as you first think. For a start do you do it by Zodiac sign, month or even day. Secondly if you do it by month then some of them have monre than one stone associated with it.

Anyway if you can work out which stone then that can obviously help you when making a card. We have some stone based papers on the site now and we will be expending this to cover all the stones listed on this page.

Birthstones for Zodiac Signs.

Here are the twelve birth Stones and their corresponding dates. We are creating backing papers, inserts and tags for each of the stones which you will find in the “Birth Stones” category in the main section.

Sign. Stone. Dates.
Aquarius. Garnet. January 21 – February 19.
Pisces. Amethyst. February 20 – March 20.
Aries. Bloodstone. March 21 – April 20.
Taurus. Sapphire. April 21 – May 20.
Gemini. Agate. May 21 – June 21.
Cancer. Emerald. June 22 – July 22.
Leo. Onyx. July 23 – August 23.
Virgo. Carnelian. August 24 – September 23.
Libra. Peridot. September 24 – October 23.
Scorpio. Beryl. October 24 – November 22.
Sagittarius. Topaz. November 23 – December 21.
Capricorn. Ruby. December 22 – January 20.


Birthstones by Month

Month. Traditional Birthstone(s). Modern Birthstone(s).
January. Garnet. Garnet.
February. Amethyst. Amethyst.
March. Bloodstone, Jasper. Aquamarine.
April. Diamond, Sapphire. Diamond.
May. Emerald, Agate. Emerald.
June. Alexandrite, Emerald. Moonstone, Pearl.
July. Ruby, Onyx. Ruby.
August. Sardonyx, Carnelian. Peridot.
September. Sapphire, Peridot. Sapphire.
October. Tourmaline, Aquamarine. Opal, Tourmaline.
November. Citrine, Topaz. Topaz, Citrine.
December. Zircon, Ruby. Turquoise, Blue topaz,Tanzanite.

Entries in boldface are almost always included, while italicized entries are usually included.

Birthstones by Birth Day

Day. Stone.
Monday. Pearl.
Tuesday. Garnet.
Wednesday. Cymophane (Cat’s-eye Chrysoberyl).
Thursday. Emerald.
Friday. Topaz.
Saturday. Sapphire.
Sunday. Ruby.

We hope this information helps you with your card making. As with all the information on this site , we have tried to ensure it is accurate.

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