21st January 2022

Valentine’s Day Frame Card Paper Craft Project.


Valentines Day Card.
Valentines Day Card.

This Valentine’s Day Frame Card project is based on our own style frame cards. Obviously you can make other types of frame cards and we do have a blank template available on the site, there will also be more frame designs released over the coming months.

The 3D frame is a bit fiddly to put together but the video does give clear step-by-step instructions. If you think you may have issues with this we do, at the end of the video give a much simpler alternative using a flat frame.



Equipment Used in the Valentine’s Day Frame Card

White Card
230gms Glossy Photo Paper*
Sharp Craft Knife
Blunt Knife
Thick Double sided pade for decoupage (or decoupage glue if you prefer)
For a lot of my card work I prefer to use thick (230gsm) glassy photo paper rather than card. I think it gives a much better finish and is slightly easier to work with. It can be quite expensive if you buy it through somewhere like PC World but you can pick it up on Ebay for about £10 for 100 sheets. In this project I have used it for the frame, the decoupage and the banner.

Here are the links for the papers to make the Valentine’s Day Card exactly as we have.

3D Valentine Fame

Heart Decoupage


If you want to make the “flat” style version of the card or a different type of 3D Frame card here are the links for those papers. If you want to use one of our insert sheets you will find a large selection by following the links on our Valentines Day Page.

3D Fame Templates

Valentines Day Page


I’m not going to go through the card making step-by-step as the video does that much better than I could in writing. However the video mainly concentrates on making the box frame so here is a summery of what I did for the complete Valentine’s Day Frame Card.

  1. I made up the box frame, the Heart Decoupage and the banner.
  2. Folded a piece of white card in half to form the basic card.
  3. Chose and folded an insert sheet
  4. (this is where I wish I’d chose a backing sheet and suck it to the front of the card.
  5. Stuck the frame to the front of the card.
  6. Stuck the Decoupage and Banner in the frame.
  7. Stuck the Insert sheet into the card.

And thats basically all there is to it, sounds fairly simple put like that!

As we said at the beginning you can use the Frame style for all sorts of cards. We hope you enjoy making the Valentine’s Day Frame Card.