27th November 2022

Wedding Anniversaries for Crafters.

Wedding Anniversaries
Wedding Anniversaries.

Wedding Anniversaries.

Here we have a list of items associated with various years Wedding Anniversaries. Useful if you need to buy a present of wish to make a card associated with the specific year. We do have some papers specifically for these in our Anniversary section or in other cases some of our general papers will be suitable.  Often our sets and Tags and Labels in the as well so you will be able to use them to ensure the present compliments the card.

Year Traditional (U.S.). Traditional (U.K.). Modern (U.S.).
1st. Paper. Cotton. Clocks.
2nd. Cotton. Paper. China.
3rd. Leather. Leather. Crystal, Glass.
4th. Linen, Silk. Fruit and Flower. Appliances (electrical).
5th. Wood. Wooden. Silverware.
6th. Iron. Sugar. Wood objects.
7th. Wool, Copper. Woollen. Desk sets/Pen & Pencil sets.
8th. Bronze. Salt. Linens, Lace.
9th. Pottery, China. Copper. Leather goods.
10th. Tin, Aluminium. Tin. Diamond jewelry.
11th. Steel. Scent. Fashion jewelry, accessories.
12th. Silk. Silk and Fine Linen. Pearls, Colored gems.
13th. Lace. Barometer. Textiles, Furs.
14th. Ivory. Clock. Gold jewelry.
15th. Crystal. Crystal. Watches.
16th. Holloware. Silver Holloware.
17th. Furniture.
18th. Coloured Gems. Porcelain.
19th. Furniture. Bronze.
20th. China. China. China.
21st. Brass, Nickel.
22nd. Copper.
23rd. Silver plate.
24th. Musical Instruments.
25th. Silver. Silver. Sterling silver.
30th. Pearl. Pearl. Pearl.
35th. Coral, Jade. Coral. Jade.
40th. Ruby. Ruby. Ruby.
45th. Sapphire. Sapphire.
50th. Gold. Gold. Gold.
55th. Emerald. Emerald.
60th. Diamond. Diamond.
65th. Blue Sapphire.
70th. Platinum.
75th. Diamond. Diamond Diamond.
80th. Oak Oak.

To the best of our knowledge this Wedding Anniversaries information information is accurate. Having said that there seems to be some disagereement with some of the modern items. As with any thing, if it is crucial you should double check the information. Don’t forget we also have a full range of number papers on the site which can also be used for anniversaries. All the numbers from one to twenty five have papers and then we go up in ¬†fives to one hundred.

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