17th June 2024

Leaving School Cards.

Here are some free leaving school cards kits or changing class if you prefer. These first couple of cards are designed as “thank you”s to teachers as it has become common for cards of this types, and presents, to be given. If your child needs leaving school cards or changing class either of these would make a great project to do with them. That way they can give their teacher something truly handmade. If you haven’t used one of our kits before you will find full instructions HERE. The instructions are fairly easy to follow. If you have any issue please ask in the forum. There is normally someone in there who can help.

These cards are in no particular order, just flick through and choose the want you want. Each of the kits comes in a single downloadable zip folder.


Leaving School CardsLeaving School Cards 1.

We are calling these Leaving School cards but they are also suitable for children who are changing class ( to give to their teacher). Makes a great project to do with a child.

Leaving School Cards Zip File 1.


Leaving School Card Kit

Leaving School Cards 2.

A great design featuring our very own character Brewster as the teacher. The words on the board simply say Thank You. Again would make a great project for a child (maybe a bit of help with the cutting out for younger ones!).

Leaving School Cards Zip File 2.


Full Instructions Available Here.

(Full step by step instructions with images.)


Index of Cards.

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