22nd February 2024

New Version of FotoSketcher our Review.

New Version of FotoSketcher
New Version of FotoSketcher.

New Version of FotoSketcher our Review.

Well there is a new version of FotoSketcher out, this is version 3.o. There aren’t any huge changes to the program but the have included a new effect. Also an “invert colours” option and some other minor changes.  This is what they have released about the new version:

New features and changes in version 3.00:
– New Painting 10 (brushstrokes) effect.
– New “invert colors” function (in the Edit menu or CTRL+I shortcut).
– Integration of the “invert colors” function in the script mode (F5).
– Improved Painting 4 responsiveness.
– Cosmetic changes to the user interface (especially when the program is maximized).
– New keyboard shortcuts (left, right and up keys) to move the divider between the left and right panes. Works when the main window is focused, even if an effect is running.

Now obviously I’ve been having a play with the new effect, “Painting 10” and I can say it’s a great addition. I would want to play with it a bit more before I use it in any serious work but it is definitely so far so good. As with all of these things,  I suggest downloading the program and give it a go. I’m sure you will be pleased with the results.

New painting effect in Fotosketcher.
New painting effect in Fotosketcher.

Apart from the additional effect there isn’t a lot different about this new version. I’ve always found it one of the more straight forward programs, easy to use. Nice looking and what you see is what you get! So don’t worry, there is no new interface of anything to get used to.

The latest version can be downloaded here:  http://www.fotosketcher.com/download-fotosketcher/ .

(As normal please only download it via the official website, its the only way you can be sure you are getting a safe copy).