13th January 2022

Fathers Day Swivel Card : Card Making Project

Fathers Day Swivel Card

As with Mothers Day, its always nice to give a handmade fathers days cards, it that little more special than a shop bought one. This demonstration shows you how to make a fathers day swivel card and also how to makeĀ it move. Obviously you can use the swivel card template to make any themed greeting card, we have just used fathers day as an example.

Equipment Used to make the Fathers Day Swivel Card

Craft Knife
White Thick Paper or Card
Sharp Craft Knife
Blunt Knife
Double Sided Foam pads / Stips or anything else you use for decoupage.
Below are the links if you want to make one of the exact cards we did. Obviously if you don’t you are free to choose from the 1,000s of sheets available on the site.

Backing Papers
Dad Backing Paper
Fishing Backing Paper
Wood Effect Backing Paper

You will find the three wording toppers we used in the Fathers Day Toppers Section HERE

Decoupage and Pyramid Papers.

Tools Decoupage
Television Decoupage
Fishing Pyramid Papers (these will need to be shrunk a bit)

[you may need to play with the size of the decoupage and pyramid sheets, or maybe not use the largest layer in the pyramid sheets.]

Once you have the sheets you need then the rest is pretty straight forward. On you main piece of card print the backing sheets onto one site, glossy side if you’re using that type of card. Then turn it over an print the template out onto the back. Now cut the solid lines on the template and fold the dotted/dashed ones as shown in the video. Now you need to complete the center piece. Remember on the side which is now the front you will loose the far left bit. That will be hidden. On the back you will be able to use the full square. Please make sure you have everything the correct way round before you start doing any sticking!

We hope you found this Fathers Day Swivel Card making project useful. We will be doing more in the near future.

p.s. I know our video demonstrations aren’t the best on the internet but I’m sure you clever crafters can take the techniques shown and improve on them no end!