22nd September 2022

Easel Card Project. Step by Step

Here is an easel card project from Doris, one of our forum members. Doris is obviously good with the graphics programme she uses and in the first part of the project she has used its to “manipulate” a couple of images. We realise not everyone will be able to do this so we have done the first part of her project for you which you can download by right clicking HERE and selecting “Save As…” (or similar depending on your browser. Obviously if you can we suggest you do follow the easel card project instructions as it’s always good to be able to alter your own images. Otherwise you can use our graphic and skip the bit in italics.

Easel Card ProjectHow I made the easel card project.

  1. go to free decoupage sheets and pyramid papers/stackers
  2. click on CAMEO
  3. go to free backing papers, inserts, tags and labels
  4. find DANCE
  5. scroll to find flamenco dancing backing papers

Now that I had all the graphics I needed for this card, I converted the original images (3) silhouettes, see them displayed, into PNG images. I did this in a graphics program called paintNET, to make them transparent.

Then I cut one image out in my craft studio professional graphics program, see images displayed.

Now that the image is cut out and transparent, I manoeuvred the silhouette over my chosen backing paper, see images displayed.

The next thing I did, I made a mirror image of it, because I wanted it to be on the left and right side of my card, and not looking the same way.When I done that I printed the two images on strong, smooth card and cut them out.

Then I started decorating the silhouettes with fall outs from die cuts and glued them into place, see main card. I added glitter on parts of the gold frames and also little rhinestones onto the dresses. Also for earrings and buckle. The fall outs had to be very small for these silhouettes, because they are not very big.

The middle, bigger silhouette was made the same way as the two smaller ones. But I used a silhouette with a short dress this time, and of course made it bigger in my graphics program. Note, all the different fall outs on all three dresses, never through them away.

The stopper on the base of the card is a black die cut flower. One white flower over the top, and another black and white flower on top of the second one. I used foam pads on them to make them high enough so that the top of the card where the silhouettes were glued to, will take the weight and not fall over.

I also enhanced both sides of the flower with real mirror butterflies.

Doris ( The Easel card project designer )


Edit: Again I like this easel card project because the style can be adapted to make all sorts of different cards for different occasions, I’m already thinking of what style of fathers day card I could make like this. Perhaps some of the standard card templates could be used to make easel cards!.

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