22nd February 2024

PhotoDemon a Free Photo Editor.

PhotoDemon a Free Photo Editor.
PhotoDemon a Free Photo Editor.

This is definitely not a general graphics editor, it is specifically a photo editor and a good one.  I reviewed version 6.4 which although a beta version worked fine for me. Not only that it has a lot more features than the 6.2.1 version. In fact I counted over 90 features and effects.

It does all the things you would expect to do with this type of software, crop rotate, change exposure, contract brightness, play with the curves etc etc. But it goes well beyond this especially in the 6.4 version.  I love the tool with which you could change the perceptive and the straightening tool, both remarkably useful.

Colour Adjust in PhotoDemon
Colour Adjust in PhotoDemon.

This is also a sudo HDR tool which enabled you to give a single image/exposure that effect. Add to this that version 6.4 adds the ability to work with layers then you can start to see how powerful this program is.

I do think there is a chance that more serious  photographers may be put off by the fact the program contains some “fun” effects, the “Comic Look” and “Freeze”. But this really shouldn’t put anyone off, if you don’t like them then just don’t use them, there are enough great effects here to keep everyone happy. It even has none destructive editing which isn’t something normally found out side of paid programs.

Perspective Transformations
Perspective Transformations.

I’ve had great fun playing with this program, for a free photo editor it is a really impressive piece of software ( in fact if it were paid software it would still be impressive). I didn’t dive into the layers aspect of it’s abilities as this really wasn’t what I wanted to use if for. I think if I wanted to do multi image pictures I would at this stage use an editor with better selection tools. I did however  manage to edit quite a few of my images, even just running the “auto correct” functions on colour, contrast and lighting made a significant to my more washed out snaps.

This is another program I highly recommend.

Again, please only download this program from it’s official website. We downloaded it from there and had no problems with viruses or malware ( in fact you never have to actually install anything, just download it and run it). It is only available for Windows operating systems. http://photodemon.org/download/

Please note when we reviewed version 6.4 it was a Beta release. You shouldn’t use beta versions in production situations (e.g. for anything important), so you may want to use the older version until this has been officially released. Having said that we highly recommend only working on copied of your photos. Always keep the original somewhere safe.