22nd February 2024

New Version of Scribus out.

Scribus Desktop Publishing
Scribus Desktop Publishing.

A new version of Scribus has been released entitled Scribus 1.5 however  you should be very careful with this. Although it has been named like a general release it is in fact  ” a preview of the next stable version 1.6.0″. On their own website it says it “has primarily been released for testing purposes, so more users can help us with identifying and fixing bugs.”. It goes on to warn “It is not stable enough for use in real production scenarios yet”.

So if you actually need to use Scribus then we strongly recommend that you don’t install this update but wait for the proper stable release to come out. We aren’t really sure why they have done it like this, normally a bug test release would be marked a beta or even an alpha release. It has certainly confused some of the automatic upgrading tools such as Filepuma. They are bringing up messages on peoples computer recommending the update!