22nd February 2024

Christmas Bauble 3 paper craft project


Downloadable Christmas Bauble project
Christmas Bauble 3 is, as the name implies our 3rd and perhaps simplest project for making a Christmas Bauble for your tree or window. We have three complete templates available to download, one with Santa, one with Penguins and one with Snowmen. There ios also a blank template which you can use to make Baubles to decorate yourself. This doesn’t mean you can’t add extra embellishments such as glitter to the pre-done ones.
These should make a great Christmas project for both adults and children, even for school, cub packs etc.

Christmas Bauble Template


Equipment / Tools Needed for Christmas Bauble 3 Project.

  1. A4 white card
  2. Blunt Knife (or something else for scoring).
  3. Sharp Craft Knife
  4. Glue
  5. Cotton
  6. Paper-clip

This is another very simple project to make.

  1. Print out the template you want on to the A$ white card.
  2. Cut it out.
  3. Score the blue lines with a BLUNT knife or something similar.
  4. Now fold each place where you have scored. Each one is a mountain folded.
  5. Stick the bottom four sections together using the tabs.
  6. Stick the first 3 on the top sections on the top down but leave the last one with the two tabs on.
  7. Make a hanger out of a loop of cotton on a paper-clip. It’s best to open the paper-clip a little but not so much that the cotton can come off.
  8. Place the paper-clip inside the bauble and run the cotton out the top..
  9. Stick down the last section using the two tabs. This is the most difficult bit. I used a darning needle .


As with the other baubles you will need to decorate the blank one from scratch and even the others can have some additions. Maybe a bit of giller or some coloured foil on the edges.

Christmas Bauble 3 Templates