17th February 2024

Christmas Tree Card Project


3d Christmas Tree Card

This is a lovely project to make a 3d Christmas Tree which is shown when you open the Christmas Card. This Christmas Tree card project only shows how to make the inside of the card, you can use one of our other designs on the front or one of your own. The templates come in two different styles (and three different sizes to make A5, A6 and 5×7 cards) a basic one which you can decorate yourself or a coloured one (which you can still add additional embellishments to if you want.).

Equipment / Tools Needed for the Christmas tree Card Project.

  1. A4, A5 or 10×7 white card (to make A5, A6 or 5×7 card
  2. Thick glossy photo paper (same size as the card).
  3. Blunt Knife (or something else for scoring).
  4. Sharp Craft Knife
  5. Glue

This is a very simple project to make.

  1. Print out the template you want to use onto the thick photo paper
  2. Look at the template above. You need to score each of the dotted lines.
  3. Still using the above as your guide, cut the solid green lines. (You wont have these on the colour template but you should still be able to tell where to cut)
  4. Now fold each place where you have scored using the first image on this page as a guide for which will need to be “valley folded” and which will need to be mountain folded.
  5. Finally fold the card stock in half (as you would normally when making a card) and glue to glossy photo paper inside. Be careful not to stick down any of the bits which need to “stick up”.
  6. Have a couple of practice tries opening and closing the card to ensure it works properly.

Which ever template you use you will probably want to add more decoration to it. Colour foil, glitter, painting or such like. You may find this easier to do before you do the folding or stick the paper inside the card.

I hope you enjoy the Christmas tree card project. I’m sure many of you will be able to add your personal touch to the decorating of the tree.


Christmas Tree Card Project  Templates