22nd February 2024

Christmas Bauble Project 2

Christmas Bauble 2.
Christmas Bauble 2.

Well this is our second style of Christmas Bauble Project. Again this is a great project for both children and adults. We have done the design in two different sizes and there is a colour one or a plain white one which you can decorate yourself. YOu can even add glitter and embellishments to the colour one if you wish.

If you are making this with very young children we suggest the adult does the cutting out and building and then the child does the decoration.

(we suggest you click the link on the bottom right of the video and view it full screen)

Equipment Used in the Christmas Bauble Project

White Card or 230gms Glossy Photo Paper
Paper Clip

This is a good project for individuals, schools beaver / cub groups and Sunday Schools. Don’t forget we do have another style of Christmas Bauble available as well as a separate project.

Here are links to the relevant downloads.

The Templates

For those who don’t want to sit through the video here is a summery of the project

  1. Download the template.
  2. Print it on to A4 white card or thick glossy photo paper
  3. Cut out the sections removing the black lines as much as you can. When cutting the “slit” always cut a little over half way rather than under.
  4. Starting with one piece add five more to it. Then add another five to that.
  5. Before adding the last site open up a paper clip slightly put it on a loop of cotton. Place it inside the Bauble leaving the other side of the loop out side. This will be the hanger.
  6. Put in the last piece.
  7. Decorate to your own personal taste.

We hope you enjoy this Christmas Bauble project, please do take a look at the others on our Projects Page.