4th August 2022

Mothers Day Card Making Project

Handmade Mother Day Card

There is nothing like giving a nice handmade card for Mothers Day, or any other special occasion if it comes to that. The Mothers Day card in this project video is fairly straight forward although I am sure the more experienced card makers amongst you will be able to develop and improve the idea

Equipment Used in Mothers Day Card Project

Craft Knife
White Thick Paper or Card
Glue or Double Sided Tape
Sharp Craft Knife
Blunt Knife

If you want to follow our mothers day project exactly then you should download and print one of the following “Mum Templates” and one of the following insert sheets. Choose which ever one you think will go together nicely.

(To download any of these images, click on them to open the image in a new window and then right click on that image and save).

Mum Templates

Insert Sheets

Once you have downloaded your two chosen sheets you will need to print the template one onto thick papers or card. Either should be capable of standing as a card. The insert sheet can be printed onto ordinary paper, we used a “bright white A4 sheet.

Once you have done that simply cut the “MUM” letter out of the template and then cut and fold the insert sheet and put it inside. Its a simple as that 🙂

If you don’t want to follow our design in this project, or you want to make a card for someone other than Mum you can use the relative templates in our templates section. These, together with any landscape paper off our site will help you come up with your own design. It will be a little more fiddly because the template wont already have the design on it. You can either use it blank and decorate it yourself or you can “overprint” it. This means putting the paper/card through the printer twice. Once with the design on and a second time with the template on. Another alternative would be to print and cut out one of our relative templates. Use that as a normal template, with a pencil, to mark the letters for cutting out on your card.

You will find the relative templates in this section:

Relative Templates/Stencils

As normal they are totally free to download.

We hope you found this mothers day card making project useful. We will be doing more in the near future.