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Sitemap Page 2

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This is where we normally list the basic backing papers. Having just moved the site we are still in the process of adding the papers back on. This should happen over the next couple of weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sept 2018.

General Backing Papers.

[N.B. Normal sets can be downloaded one paper at a time. Archived sets can only be downloaded a set at a time (in a zip folder) although often the set is split into landscape and portrait papers].


Christmas Papers.

Archived Christmas Sets:

Christmas Baubles Set 1.
Christmas Baubles Set 2.
Christmas Craft Papers Set 1.
Christmas Craft Papers Set 2.
Christmas Craft Papers Set 3.
Christmas Craft Papers Set 4.
Christmas Craft Papers Set 5.
Father Christmas Backing Papers.
Christmas Snowmen Backing papers.
Christmas Trees Set 1.
Christmas Trees Set 2.
Christmas Wording. Portrait.
Merry Christmas Papers.
Christmas Tree and Snowflakes.
Father Xmas.
New Christmas Tree Papers 1.
New Christmas Tree Papers 2.
Snowflakes Backing Papers.
Snowmen Backing Papers 1.
Snowmen Backing Papers 2.
Welsh Merry Christmas.

Cartoon Christmas Penguins.
Cartoon Santa Craft Papers.
Cartoon Snowman.
Christmas Animal Craft Papers.
Christmas Bears Craft Papers.
Christmas General Set 2.
Christmas General Set 3.
Christmas Silhouettes.
Christmas Snowman 2.
Christmas Snowman 3.
Reindeer Christmas Papers.
Reindeer Set 2.
Santa and Sleigh Backing Papers.
Santa Claus and Reindeer.



* These categories have their own sub-categories


General Articles
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Paper Crafts
Making a simple one coloured backing sheet.
Making a Gradient filled Backing Paper
Making your own Pyramid Papers
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Tiling Techniques for Background Creation in the GIMP
Making Your Own Card Insert
Combining Two Images
Make your own Word Card Templates
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